The One Where I Went to the Olympics

The Olympian

“Oh yeah, the Olympian”

I was a member of the 2012 Olympic Team representing the United States in London. The number of times that I have had to remind myself of my Olympian status may surprise you. On the flip side, I often concern myself with the idea that being “the Olympian” is the only thing people know about me. Although I get where I’m coming from, I also have to recognize that being an athlete, and one more among the most committed ones at that, is a huge part who I am. It tells you about my ability to power through many things others can’t (or really won’t is what it comes down to), it explains why performance interests me and why I watching and playing sports takes up a good portion of my time.

When looking at the future of, I think it’s important to acknowledge how I got to where I am, but also to move the active and curious spirit that got me to the Games forward and see what else I can share. To quote a favorite interview I did as an athlete, “My main goal is, I don’t want to feel like I wasted any time.” To read about my Olympic journey, check out my HuffPost Blog from 2012. To read about everything else, stay right here.

Photo by Sarah Ruhlen

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