“Feeling Lucky” about Blog Topics

Let's see what I can learn.

“Disc Golf,” “Getting VMWare Certified,” “Sports Photography,” “How to become a better writer.” These are all things on a list of recommended blog topics I came across when trying to figure out to take this blog. Let’s be real—this started with typing “Blog Topics” and daring to click “I’m Feeling Lucky.” What I found on this list of 81 things from Sparkline I really don’t think I could advise on. Disc Golf? I think my college had a PE class about that. VMWare? I am thrilled that I make it through work every day with my snazzy dual-boot Mac powered by VMWare without really knowing how it works. Sports photography: you might think I’d be good at this one, but I can assure you it’s tougher than it looks. You have to get close and not be afraid to get trucked by a 6’8” basketball player and somehow be confident that he won’t take your expensive lens out with you. “How to become a better writer” is actually something I plan to weigh in on; however, I am more struck by the breadth of things on that one list alone that I haven’t tried or even thought about. Blog topic?  Let’s see what I can learn, and I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime, have you ever considered what your media consumption would be like if you only read books and watched films written, produced and directed by people who don’t identify as straight, white, cis male? Alex has. Check out what she’s found and I’ll be over here learning and writing.

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